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A few new pictures Empty A few new pictures

Post by Angi on Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:12 pm

Here is the deer that's been eating my garden plants.  9 am and not a bit worried about anything as she munches her way through the yard.  A few new pictures DSCF8081

Here is the passthrough that I've been working on. The screen is an antique my husband discovered in 1972 in a very old building. It appears to be hand-carved walnut.  The framing woodwork is oak that was from trees cut down on my father's land and milled by his neighbor. The table is one I recently got a garage sale and I'm going to refinish it. A few new pictures Passthrough_1

Here are the windows on the front of my house.  I took the picture of the deer from these windows.  A few new pictures Windows_1

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