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Faction games and activities Empty Faction games and activities

Post by mikkjes on Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:50 am

We're a quite large Faction with many members from different countries, and different timezones (although luckily only EU and US timezones - no CH timezones).
Because of this, it's sometimes difficult to arrange activities that involve many people, whether they be for gear, XP, or pure fun.

Since we have a forum, I was thinking that we could use this forum for planning such activities, and put guides and ideas for activities.

Ang: If it's interesting, could you create a new subforum called "Faction games and activities"? I'm not sure if people will regularly check it, but it might just be useful. If nothing else, we could use it for posting when we plan to host certain events, allowing others to plan accordingly, even if we don't see each other ingame for a while.


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