Umm something that would make my day :)))

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Umm something that would make my day :))) Empty Umm something that would make my day :)))

Post by Matt-FallingStar on Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:49 pm

Hey guys - well i been instructed that i could post here some things i need in case some1 can help with -its about some TT mats for the TT 99 gear
So ill put a short list in case some1 is willing to help out-i no obligation ofc Smile)

Chest piece
Illusion Stone (2) -
Tsu's Ghost Mask (Cool - need 4 more

Ghost Lord's Protection (2)

Giant Beast's Footprint (2)

Sorceress's Soul (2)

Tsuchun's Dark Soul (2)

Empire's Back Image (2)
Minister's Stone (Cool

Thats mainly what i need for the 99 TT gear - except robe and helmet that ill think about later - at least if i get these covered ill be freakin' happy:))
Ty for all the help i already got and see you in game soon ^^( me is working now ) i would play here but the connection SUX big time


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