Using PWI Client without Arc

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Using PWI Client without Arc Empty Using PWI Client without Arc

Post by Angi on Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:16 pm

"You could also just open the clients that you need open, then ctrl/alt/delete, task manager and force quit Arc. Your client windows stay open and operable while Arc closes and you don't have to have it ruining your game experience by sucking up your memory."

That's a quote from PWI forums, and they say it works. To test this, I started arc, logged in and selected Neverwinter (because so far that one hasn't worked without arc).  Then I simply exited arc. Updates continued, game loaded, and I was able to login and play.

Prior to that post, I found another work around that is what I'm using.  Your computer file system may not be the same as mine, but the file to delete would be in the PWI Launcher file.   Using windows explorer, I went to C:/program files (x86)/Perfect World Entertainment/Perfect World International/Launcher.  In that folder, I found a file named arcsdk.dll.  I use windows 7 and just in case I had a future problem, I made a new folder called deleted objects and cut and pasted arcsdk.dll into that folder).

Then I made a shortcut to the launcher application and put it on the desktop.

I get the updates and can play the game without having to use arc, other than to redeem codes.

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